Saturday, January 16, 2016

Middle School Library Centers- another idea

 I recently came across another idea that I want to try with my 7th grade middle school classes.  I will do a Research Question of the week  which I will put at the"Game Center"  I am not sure if I will offer a prize or not - still debating on it.

  What I  will do is post the question and then have students find the answer and also write down the source of the answer . I will give guidelines as to what sources they may use- NOT goggle- they always want to use that!

  I will gear the  questions to the Month- I just looked up what January is noted for( days, weeks)  This is what I found: Martin Luther King, Science Fiction day, Trivia Day, Hat day, Popcorn day, Hobby month, Hot tea  month, Oatmeal month,  Sunday Supper Month, Soup Month.

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