Thursday, July 21, 2016


   I just discovered this site and what I really want to know is why did I not ever find this before now???

   Flipquizme.  is a free site where you develop your own Jeopardy style review of your topic and use it with your students! Of course there is an upgrade  which you pay for and then can  copy and paste  other games that  other teachers have made.

  Flipquizme is a site where you custom tailor  your own review game for use with your students.   I tried using a similar jeopardy  game for review this year with my students. I wish I would have had this  - it should be really fun!  Even thought I did  not use this site - most of the kids did like my version , but this would be even better!

  There is a built in timer for each answer. You plug in how many teams you have , so it keeps track of that also. You can also deduct points for wrong answers.

  If you look at the Demo, you can get a good idea of how it works. You can revel the answer which is fun and a good reinforcement!  Aware the points and go on to the next question!  There is a tutorial from 2014 on Y Tube- but I think  will be very easy to use!

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