Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Steps to Inventory

 We are still working towards doing inventory. The books are due but not all in yet. Teachers still have books out that they are using. So besides shelving and reading, the next thing I will do is overdue notices to teachers for student books. I will also send an email to staff asking that all books they are not using be returned to the library so they can be inventoried when we are scanning.
  I also just "ordered"  from our tech person, our two carts with laptops or computers and speakers. We are lucky enough to have wireless and can use the system right at the shelf. It 'beeps'  if there is a problem with the item scanned and the screen tells what the problem is.  This is a long way from what inventory used to be - even when  the first technology came along- we had to upload our scans to the main computer, and print out and them check for problems. Hurray for updated Technology!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Inventory- on going

      We are continuing on in our inventory process. As of right now , students have the last week to keep reading . All of our books are due on May31st.   So as we get back the books , we are shelving , shifting, and reading the shelves. 
      Many of the shelves have to be shifted because we have a lot of books . During the year, we shift many times to accommodate the collection.  Certain shelves need to be read- those are the shelves that see the most use. Some shelves only need a quick glance to make sure they are okay.
     What is a great help is that since we are an elementary school, we only go to one or two digits behind the decimal for the non-fiction section.( My predecessor did this and It actually works out very well, both in the keeping of the shelves in order and also the shelving and finding of the books.

Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Inventory Time Again!

     Yes it is inventory time again- well almost. Today was the last day for students to check out books. All our books are due by May 31st.  This gives us time to print our over dues and get them to the Students. There are students that have VERY VERY overdue books.  These students are not allowed to take out any more books- even this week.
    We have begun reading shelves. In my book  ( The Organized Librarian)there is a whole chapter on organizing  the reading and inventory process. We read shelvess while we are shelving books or when we come to a shelf that needs it.
     Many of the shelves are pretty good, many are really out of order. It just depends how much the shelf is used by the students.  What really takes the most time is shifting the books so that all the books fit on the shelves.  We really need more shelving in both libraries , but I know that is not going to happen anytime soon.
   While I am reading shelves, and shelving books,  I look for books that are obviously out of date, falling apart, and ugly. Then I usually check the stats on the circulation system to see : how old the item is( if nonfiction - is it accurate?,  how many times it has been checked out- do we need to replace with the same item or an up to date book)  These questions help me decide if I should pull the book and discard it, or write down the title/subject to order for next year.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Free E book site

Here is another free ( Mostly)  e book site. So far in my searching this looks like fun. You get up to 5  free books every month. There is a fee if you want more than that- but in my book 5 books  a month seems okay because  of the other sites out there- which I continue to search  out and explore. So  check it out and see if you like it also.

They seem to have a lot of variety of books . I could explore this site and find some great reads. The youth section has mostly classics but it would be nice for vacation to read some of the books I haven't read in years.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great Free E reader site!

 I have just discovered a new site for my tablet where I can download books and excerpts of books for free! I can even do the downloading and reading on my PC.  It looks like it will be a great resource for free books! it also links up with FaceBook so you can see what your 'friends ' are reading.
 I have already been on the Project Gutenberg site and that of course is great also. Does any one have another favorite?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Conference Report NYLA/SLL

 All I can say is WOW!  This was an amazing conference and I really learned a lot . Now I have to figure out which to do first.
  The highlight of course was Joyce Valenza- 10 Critical Literacies you should teach! How can you do that? I have decided to look over my notes and try to learn just one for now. I am not sure which one it will be yet.

If  you look at the left hand side , check out Digital tools, and Digital storytelling. She mentioned some of these, and we had our heads spinning.  She talked of Curation, digital citizenship, and knowledge building. Check out this site - there is so much on it!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Conference Time

 I am off this afternoon to the 2012 NYLA/SSL Conference in Binghamton, NY! Can't wait!  The  theme this year is Expand your Influence- Create, cCultivate, Collaborate , Communicate.
  This year there are some great speakers and workshops: Joyce Valenza, David Wiesner, Margie Preus, and Emily Arnold McCully!!  Also there will be great workshops : ebooks, digital resources, advocacy, and Common Core.

  Some great authors will also be there: Suzanne Bloom, Clara Gillow Clark, Jason Edwards. and Liz Rosenberg and others.

 I am getting ready to be recharged and re- energized!  Coming Back to school with great ideas, activities, and book titles!

Are there any other New York People going to be there?
How about  the other states - What do you like about your  regional/ state conference?  Send us your thoughts!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Great News for NY and All!

NY Board of Regents Supports School Librarians in All Elementary Schools 

This link arrived on my Face book from School Library Journal. It seems that the NY state regents board is finally getting on board that elementary schools need to have full time librarians to help support and maintain great ELA test scores.   My only question is this - they want schools to have a full time librarian by 2020. What,in the meantime, will happen to all those students that DO NOT have the services of a certified librarian? It seems a long time to wait to make sure the students are  college and career ready! What are your thoughts? What does your state do? How else can we convince them we need this sooner?