Monday, January 14, 2013

Common Core Standards and School Librarians

      On Friday I wrote about Librarians , CCS , and literature/ fiction texts.  But the main push of the CCS is the need for students to read and understand  increasinlgy complex non-fictionand informational  texts.  As librarians we need to supplement teachers and classrooms witgh more non-fiction, and informational texts.  Each classroom can not possibly have or afford the amout of informational needs  of its studdents.

     We need to provide Scienc, Math, and Social  Studies  books and passages that will help students become  more able to comprehend the  increasingly difficult books.  We need to find out/ become aware of the content areas and what the teachers are doing. Essentaily, school librarians  will become integrated into each classes currcuilum  to help students and teachers make connedtions among the learning in each area.
       Begin to take a leadership role in your school . If you have yet , learn each grade levels curriculum, Provide resources  ,and assistance   so the students will become career and college ready.

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