Friday, January 25, 2013

Mission Statments- Planning & Writing

    Are you ready?  Ready to start thinking about and planning your mission statement for your library? 

         1:  Think about and determine what your long term goal / goals  would be for your library.  If you are  in a school and they have a mission statement- get that out and look at it.  What does the school want to accomplish?   Interweave that  into your mission so that it fits!  
               Start jotting down some ideas of what your school wants to accomplish. Make sure that  some of those goals are also  the libraries goals
               If you are in a school remember - your mission needs to align with the school mission , but you need to make it specific to the library and what you want to accomplish.
        2:   A mission statement is short and serves as a guideline that steers  the library staff and programs on a daily basis.    Some times specific goals or objectives  usually accompnay the mission.

  One of my first Mission statement ( or how I remember it- may not be exact- will have to look it up)
                The D.V .Elem. School 's  Library mission is to promote reading and learning to the students  and staff.  The library will support curriculum and extend  and  engage  the work done in  and out of the classroom

      Would anyone share their mission statement? It would be great to see some more mission statements.

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