Monday, May 20, 2013

Collaboration - Cooperation ( Level 2)

   You  may be past the first level of collaboration  or you may have begun to press on to the next level.  The cooperation level is an extension of the coordination level because of its not having teachers and librarians truly work and plan together.
  On this level , there are informal and short term tasks , activities, and lessons that librarians and teachers work on at the same time. There is no yet an established mission or defined structure.
    In this level of collaboration, librarians and teachers share information about the current project. Each one has his/her own part of the project that they are working on , but they work is done individually. The out come is a cooperative  event and the learning of skills is given by each partner.  Students will see the benefit if this type of learning. They will learn skills that are needed for the project at hand.

  Here is what a level 2 cooperation collaboration might look like:
    A teacher requests that the librarian teach the students certain research skills because    he/she wants the student to do a research project on a certain subject/ topic.  The librarian leads the class to the steps of the research and they do research on their topic along the way of doing the research.
    Then the teacher has them continue their work on the project, possibly bringing the students to the library or computer lab to help them complete  the assignment. The teacher does the final  grading/ assessment of the assignment. The librarian might keep a shelf of resources reserved for the students to use as they complete the project.

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