Thursday, June 13, 2013

Role of a Successful School Library

    To have a successful school library program, the most important recommendation is that a certified school librarian plays a strong instructional role in the school.  The librarian will be focused on informational literacy, engagement with information technology, and reading/literacy development.
    Successful school librarians also work toward high levels of instructional collaboration between the librarian and the classroom teacher. 
    It doesn't matter the size of the collection r the amount of funds spent on materials.  What matters , what is key, is the school librarian. The quality of communication and teaching by the librarian denotes the success of the library, its programs, and the success of the students in their learning.
   A successful librarian is a committed educator, a good communicator, a leaders and a team player. the staff sees the librarian as playing a powerful  role in the education of their students.

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