Thursday, October 31, 2013

Promotion of Public Libraries

         The key to promote and change the image of the public library and marketing its services is to change the standard library vocabulary to something more catching , attractive and useful to patrons.

        How do we do that? Can prek story time become a class or workshop?  ( Parents and guardians will see the benefits of something more educational and informational)  Any program can be called a class , workshop, or seminar.

       Circulation  procedures can be called customer serve. The librarian will have the job of being the program developer,  library manager, instructor,  team leader or research specialist.   As librarians we need to adapt our library specific works that do  not really connect to our patrons.  We can replace many  terms to show more educational and community goals. We want to show a more educational , community focus that patrons will be able to view as necessary  and beneficial. 

       Use terms that draw patrons in  to the library to use the resources  and programs.   Think  of vocabulary that includes more community and educational  focus instead of  older terms will help the community have a new view of the library.

       Begin today to think of and use new vocabulary to advertise, promote and  describe your library  and the programs you provide to the patrons.


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