Thursday, November 7, 2013

Organizing work spaces in your library

     In my new position as library branch manager , I have many  places to organize, update, and streamline.  My desk was on of my priorities and yesterday  I think I have it the way I want it.( For now anyway)
   My husband brought in a side lamp  to improve the lighting. The main light is in the a very high ceiling(  the library is in a 1915 brick bank. I needed a bit more light especially since it is getting dark much earlier.

    We moved the file sorter with files( More on that later) to a side cabinet which also has some of my organizing notebooks ( see organizing your office- part 5, 4/26/13 )  ).  Since we did that I turned my hard drive on its side and moved the monitor and keyboard to the middle.( it was on one side )
   So when I am not using the computer, I have a wider spread of desk, and I can spread out to work if need be.  Previously I was going out to one of the library tables which was okay, But when y6ou are trying to get a project done , if you are in your office with doors closed there is much less interruptions.

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