Thursday, November 14, 2013

Public Libraries and Customer Service

     School librarians are on a quest to educate students how to use all of the resources in the library, including the newest technology and the latest  materials. While a public library has the same goal, public librarians must also think about customer service. Many patrons do not have the desire or time  for education, they need the information to help them in whatever they are looking for. So we must focus on Customer Service to draw them in and keep them returning.

   How can we help our patrons?   By providing services and showing them the value of our services to them and to the community.
   In the spirit of customer service I am thinking of ways to improve service to my patrons.So this is what I came up with.

   1. What is more important- a perfect library or helping people? - you know the answer to that.

   2.  Should I point a finger to a book or hand a paper with a call number?

   3. Can I walk to the stacks to help find an item?

   4. Can I look up online for a request?

   5. Do I greet each patron with a smile, eye contact or small chit chat?-- Remember we are a part of the community !

  6. Do I return phone calls and answer the phone  courteously and in a timely manor?

  7. Is the activity urgent or important and more important that helping patrons.

  8.  Can I help patrons with copies, computers, book suggestions,  or scanning?

  9. Is the library inviting and does the signage  show where the different sections of the library are located?

  10. Are my volunteers friendly, helpful and love to be at the library?

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