Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blogging For libraries- Part 3

   Use your blog to inform patrons about library news, library events and programs, and exciting new books, magazines, and ebooks.

  The reason to use a blog  is that blogs are different because patrons can respond to  your posts and add their insights and opinions.  They can tell you what they think about what they are reading, what they like to read, what they would like to see at the library, and how they use their personal technology to read and obtain information.

  The key to getting responses to your posts is to have engaging , inviting, and inspiring posts that lead to patrons comments and responses. 

  Blogs can be a very good way for both libraries, librarians, and patrons to connect.  A blog can  lead to a great community feeling and more conversations about books, reading, and events.  Libraries can spread the news about everything that goes on. With a blog , there can be great ability to bridge the conversation gap, get to know the [patrons, and showcase all that happens at your library.

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