Thursday, May 8, 2014

Library Signage

  Library Signs are important to both students and patrons  in that they help them find sections and areas needed. Even more so in a Public library or a large school library.signage is important because  it will save you and your staff time  in answering continuous questions about where things are located.

  So think about  several things before making signs.   What sections do you have and do they need to be noted ?   What areas are you always directing patrons to?   The most obvious are of course , fiction, non-fiction, children's room, Ya room, or reference section.

 Depending on your library , you may also have  a computer lab/area,  over sized book shelf, large print books, archives ( local history) or  reading or study area.  

  Having signs for these will allow you  to define areas of the library where many patrons / students  want and need to be.   So now for the signs: what kind will you have? 

  If you have a large budget, then check out the library suppy catalogs or find a local person that can design and make signs for you.  The advantage of this is that these will be lasting signs.  Hang them carefully and you will use them for many years.

 If your budget is not large, then do what I do. I made colorful signs on a power point program or a publisher program.  I then cover them with contact  paper.
 These signs  will be placed where needed.  In a few years if I need to make new ones I will. The advantage of this is if I move areas around , the signs are easy to move around also.

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