Thursday, June 5, 2014

Esstablishing Routines- Floor time Part 4

There are many other activities that I do during floor time: Yes I want to be available to assist patrons and help them find answers to questions.  However , since I am never sure when that may occur I have some routines that I do while I am waiting for patrons to need help.

 One of the  first things I do on a daily basis is check the bathrooms for needed items and I keep my eyes open for anything I think may need attention.  I will also straighten shelves, put in book supports,post flyer's, and rearrange brochures in the stands.

 Another item I do at least once a day is straighten up the newspaper stand, and check on the magazines.  I have an old magazine rack which always needs straightening.

 During "floor time" I will also keep my eye out for  bulbs that need replacing, plants that need watering, and  anything out of place that needs to be put back right.

 Also during floor time, I can fill the copiers with paper,  work on book displays,  and  go over items with my staff that need to be addressed.

So "floor time" is a busy time but I can be on deck to help patrons and also get a lot accomplished!

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