Friday, October 24, 2014

Managers Workshop: Discovering and Mentoring Talent-

   I attended a recent workshop for library manger's , directors, and any staff who has people to manage and direct.  It focused on mentoring  talent in staff and getting the best results.  But the speaker also addressed becoming a better leaders to help your library build a dream team of staff who will love what they do and be creative in their positions.

  Her firs big question to use was "Why are you in this job and in this field?"  We had a small group discussion to tell our story of how we got into the library field.

  As manager or directors , we need to a) develop a vision, share it, and have our staff buy into it, b) communicate regularly with staff, and c) create an environment  that allows discussion and a good communication system

  So our firs step would be to create our vision/ mission/  Then challenge staff to help build and fulfill the vision you see for your library.  As you listen to staff and their ideas , make changes . Embrace good discussions that bring up points to improve your library. Have staff become more involved in the work at hand and the vision of what your library is becoming!

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