Thursday, January 15, 2015

Making Time For Paper Work

  Every day when you are at work, include   time to complete paper work and file away what is completed.  My routine is simple but it works for me.  In the morning before opening, I  do emails and  complete paper work that needs to be done.   I take out folders for the projects, or tasks that I will be working on today. It is a good time to do it because I do not have  a lot of interruptions .   I also make important phone calls that can not wait til later.

  Right before we start our lunch coverage I also  clean up my desk, file papers that need to be filed away, and  complete other paper type work , so that when I come back from lunch I have a clean desk. I will make any phone calls or emails needed  , and check emails again  to see if anything is pressing.

  Again before I get ready to go home, I will complete  what ever I can, place papers in file folders if I am still working on a project ,  file anything that is completed, and  clean up my desk.

  Obviously if I have a pressing task that requires more action , I will take a morning , or a good portion of the morning and just work on paper work. This applies when I have reports, inventories, or other  items that need to be completed

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