Friday, July 10, 2015

Career Services At the Public Library

    What kinds of services do you have at your public library for those seeking jobs?  Most libraries have some kind of assistance  for job hunters. At our library , we have  a valuable resource - our computer expert also provides career counseling on a one on one basis. She works with patorns who are looking for  work.
     The other service  she provides  is  she holds two workshops a month. One is on interviewing skills with many tips and hints on how to  have a successful interview.  Her other class is a resume class, where  she walked participants through what a good resume should have.  During these sessions , she also provides  many tips and hints  on being successful in the job hunt today.

  We also have printed information out for job seekers, and our data bases are also very helpful!
We also have computer classes that help patrons get up to speed on their technology skills that may be needed  for many jobs today.

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