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FREE Library Lesson!

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      Library Lessons With The Midnight Librarian

     The Midnight Librarian by Kazuno Kohara (Roaring Book Press, 2014) is a great read aloud for introducing students in Kindergarten and First Grade to the library.   Use it  at the beginning of the year or any time  to review.  

 Read the story  aloud to the students.   Discussion questions can be asked  at the end 0f the story or at occasions where students can use text and illustration cues to answer the questions.

  1. What do the animals do in the library? ( p3-4)
  2. What was the correct behavior in the reading room? (P5-6)
  3. Was there a hole in the roof?
  4. Was it raining in the library?
  5. Why was the wolf crying?
  6. What jobs did the librarian do in the library?
  7. What jobs did the owl assistants do in the library?
  8. How did the little librarian help the tortoise?
  9. How is the library in the book different from our library?
  10. What do you think are some good library manners ?

Answer key:
  1. read books
  1. Correct behavior- being quiet
  2. NO there was not a hole in the roof.
  3. NO it was not raining
  4. The wolf was crying because the book was sad.
  5. help animals pick a perfect book, put away books
  6. she made him a card so he could borrow books.
  7. answers will vary
  8. Answers will vary: be quiet, put books away,

Word Puzzle - The Midnight Librarian

Word Bank:  Librarian, Instruments, Yawn, Rain, Assistant, Read, borrow

1. Person who helps find the perfect book   L _ _ r_ _  _ _ _

2.what the squirrels played                            I _ _ t _ _ m_ _ _ _

3.Tortoise was allow to  take book                b _  _ _ o _

4.What  the animals did  in the library           r _ _ d

5.One who helped the librarian                     a _ _ i _ _ _ _

6.when the wolf cried                                      r _ _ _

7, owls did after story & fell asleep               y _ _ n

Answer Key

  1. Librarian
  2. Instruments
  3. Borrow
  4. Read
  5. Assistant
  6. Rain
  7. Yawn

Matching ( terms and definitions) The Midnight Librarian

Copy  this page  ( Make several copies)  and  cut apart. Glue onto cards Have two  or three students work together to match terms.  This can be also done during  time when there are students who are finished with book check out or are not checking out books. Make a easy check by  placing on the back  books!  on the cards that go together.

          Place where all  the  books are

           reads you good books
                Library assistants

            lets you borrow books
                Library behavior

            being quiet and respectful

                Library cards

  take a book home and then bring it back.

      Helps put books away
Answer key on back of
place where all the books are - Library               B
library assistant- helps put books away               o  (1)
library behavior- being quiet and respectful      o ( 2)
Librarian- reads  you good books                            k
library cards- lets you borrow books                       s
borrow -take a book home & bring it back            !

The Midnight Librarian

Sequence  Game  : Students can work in pairs to put the following cards or strips of paper in the right order after listening to the story.  After everyone is done,  you can review as a class or have another pair at the table check work.

Animals  come at night to the library to read
The Tortoise can finish his book.

The Little Librarian reads to the owls as they fall asleep.

Little Librarian & her three owl  assistants help find the perfect book.

The Little librarian asks “Please be quiet in the reading room”

The Little Librarian takes the squirrels to the activity room.

The Little Librarian makes the tortoise a  library card.

It starts to rain inside the library.

The little librarians and her assistants read to the wolf.

Bands of squirrels play music looking for a good song.

Other Books Written and Illustrated  by Kazuno Kohara

Here Comes Jack Frost /Roaring Book Press, 2009

Ghosts in the House/ Roaring Book Press,2012

Little Wizard/Pan Macmillan,, 2011

The Haunted House/ Macmillan Children's Books, 2008

Susan Pierce Couture is a career librarian ,  with experience in both public and school libraries.  Currently , she is a branch manager in a public library system.  You can  connect with her at her blog  : TheOrganizedLibrarian.

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