Sunday, October 4, 2015

New Position!! New challenges!

   Well I am 3 weeks into my new position of Middle School librarian!  It is more focused than the Library Branch Manger and really more of what I am used to be doing- being in school and working with students.  I have 7th grade fixed classes- 5 a day!! Luckily my predecessor left me with a lot of stuff- she went up to the High school so she is my mentor!  The  women  who was at the high school left her with NOthing! ( that is just plain rude I think)
 So that is why I have not posted recently  but now I am finally getting more settled- am learning how to use School Tools which is a biggie.  I am searching for  7th grade lessons and ideas- so please please if you have any please leave comments  below!    I have started off with reviews of the major items. We are calling the class  Information Literacy so I will plug in a lot of tech stuff also. Please if you have ideas or sites to look at let me know!

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