Thursday, December 3, 2015

Middle School- Library School Centers

    I recently decided to try a few centers and mini lessons in my 7th grade library classes .  So this is what I did- I divided each class into 3 equal groups .   After attendance is taken each period, I go over the three 'centers' or activities.  Instructions are given about each one.
   One is usually at the computers . Six students can go on the computer  which works out good  in all but my 2 biggest classes which have more than 18. Lately the students are learning about library data bases and currently they are using Fact Monster and World Book.

   The other one so far has been a shelf  find it game- this was easy . I just took dewey numbers from the collection  for the non- fiction and then call letters from  the fiction section.  Students use the cards to find  each number .

  The third  group is my mini lesson group- I go over the  a lesson and students work on an activity  that  correlates with the lesson.

  So far it seems to be working pretty good. I will detail more of these  groups at a later date.

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