Saturday, January 16, 2016

Middle School Library Centers- another idea

 I recently came across another idea that I want to try with my 7th grade middle school classes.  I will do a Research Question of the week  which I will put at the"Game Center"  I am not sure if I will offer a prize or not - still debating on it.

  What I  will do is post the question and then have students find the answer and also write down the source of the answer . I will give guidelines as to what sources they may use- NOT goggle- they always want to use that!

  I will gear the  questions to the Month- I just looked up what January is noted for( days, weeks)  This is what I found: Martin Luther King, Science Fiction day, Trivia Day, Hat day, Popcorn day, Hobby month, Hot tea  month, Oatmeal month,  Sunday Supper Month, Soup Month.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

January Bulletin Boards

 What bulletin boards will I put up in January? I always try to think ahead and get ready for the next month.  I didn't this time. So here are some ideas that I have used or thought of to use in January.
    Let's read til we get snowed under-  snowflakes with book titles in the center. Blue sky in background. Bottom can be a silhouette of the town or school building.

   Sink into winter reading-  student/ teacher in a cozy chair reading, book jackets surrounded the chair.

   Hibernate with a good book- bears reading ( in a cave or in the snow)

  "READBOX"-  a redbox( movie rental)  with titles around that align with popular movies