Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Administrators want from their Librarian- Part 4

      What do administrators expect from their Librarians?  Many administrators do not have a clear idea of what to expect but as librarians and leaders we need to promote ourselves and our programs, and how we can assist students in becoming better learners. One way to do all of these items is to become part of our school s professional development team.  When we do that we can teach the staff about all of our resources.
      So what do we teach?  Just a few examples : How to use our website , how to use the online card catalog, how to find resources, how to integrate library materials into the current curriculum, how to use the data bases  for school state wide support ( In NY we have Vtial New York, along with several others- Engage NY , and CommonCoreCurriculum. )
     When do we teach ? In the summer, at the beginning of the school year where there are various meetings, during conference days,  hold  mini workshops before and after school, during teacher prep.

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