Monday, December 17, 2012

Information Expert

        As the information expert  and the  librarian in your school/ building, you have an obligation to your students and patrons.  The first thing that comes to mind is that students and patrons need  to be taught search strategies for collecting and evaluating  the information that they need.   The  Strategies for finding information using headings, types of scanning reading, using parts of the text and also additional items like labels, captions, charts,  and graphs  will always need to be taught.  Also strategies for deciding on what  and where to look can also be practiced and taught to  patrons.
    Evaluating information is another skill that can be modeled and then practiced  by students.   Evaluating is a skill that  when practiced comes over time and use .  A student/ patron questions the materiel being read and then decides if it is  needed for his work.

      The librarian / information expert also needs to organize the use of the computer and the web for  information seekers. The information expert can create a blog, a wiki, website or porta portal  to pull together resources to meet the need specific needs of their learning community.  This can be done as a general resource  site,  with link, tabs, or pages of specific  information curriculum needs.  This is why I have always made a Porta Portal to go along with my schools curriculum  with links  to sites needed by the students and teachers.

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