Thursday, December 5, 2013

Highly Organized Librarian- Getting Large Projects done!

    One way to become a highly organized librarians is to begin with the end in mind.  Whenever you have a  large project to do which requires a good deal of work , time  and effort  it might be a  good idea to use this technique.

    Start with a clear understanding of what the outcome of the project will be. Think about the inventory done, the book list completed, the  movement of books and shelving,  the final paper or grant project will be.    Then determine how you will get there.

    What is the best way to get the project completed? What steps do you need to take to  accomplish the project.  Think it through.  Then write down the steps you will take..  After writing down the steps , organize the steps in the most logical order.    Make a plan.    Determine what steps you will do and what dates you will do them. Write them in your plan or calendar book.   Figure out what resources or materials you will need to get the project done. Write them into your plan.

   This is system that requires thinking and planning before the actually doing .  Mentally you are preparing the project before you begin the actual work. In this way, if you write down the steps, you have a schedule of the steps and what to do when.  The thinking and list gives you focus on the projects and keeps you on track.

    I use this system which is briefly outlined in The Organized Librarian  Ebook. For details on how to order see  Books to Order tab.

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