Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Writing your Newsletter

   There are certain key ideas to keep in mind when writing your library's newsletter.  First of all, determine your audience  whom you are writing to. If you can identify  who will be reading your newsletter then you will have adjust your tone and readability.

  Then write to that audience as if you were talking or in  conversation with them.  Keep the language ( words) so that it is understandable. Develop your writing style to be short and simple.  Yet don't talk down to your audience.

  Secondly , be consistent in your style. Do not have one article long and wordy and another brief and sparse.

  Think about composing a style sheet for your newsletter so that whomever is writing will know how to proceed. Actually have more than one person responsible is a good idea to spread the word ( and ideas ) around. This guide can be helpful to note font styles, sizes, and other consistent items in the Newsletter.

  When the newsletter is complete, have proof readers waiting to do their thing.  Having 3 others ( who are not the authors!) read and make corrections before publishing is a smart idea.  These persons will look for several items - grammar, spelling, punctuation and to see if all the sentences make sense. This can save the library and newsletter committee from possible embarrassing items in the Newsletter.

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