Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blogging for Libraries- Factors

   When you are beginning a library blog, there are a few factors to consider before starting .  Doing this first planning session will make your blogging easier. Your blog will be tighter and more interesting.

   First of all , determine the purpose of your blog.  What is your focus or main reason for writing and promotion   your blog.

  Secondly, decide who will write the posts, and who will monitor and proof read the entries,  It is a great idea to have several staffers who will contribute to the information and post. That way there is not just one person responsible and  burn out will be greatly reduced.

    Determine which blogging platform you will use. Using a free platform will virtually  eliminate the cost of  to the library.

  Also consider the amount of time that the  staffers will need to write their posts. You might want them to have a specific time to work, or possible just use downtime during the slow parts of the workday.  Determine how many posts per week will be published.  It is a great  idea to have posts waiting ('in the wings') and just have someone go in and publish  on the determined day. ( This is what I like to do- have  a bunch all written and I just publish them on a regular day)

   Finally , begin with a list of specific topics, themes, or article ideas. Any of the staff can recommend  ideas to throw in the "post " pile of ideas.

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