Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Library Publicity

  Help your library's image by using PR ( Public Relations) to establish the library's position in the community.  Public Libraries provide services and programs that support the community in many ways.

   PR  encompasses communication  and helps  establish a clear identity.  this sends a clear message about the library's mission and goals.

  As a school librarian I always  believed in having a library mission.  As part of a library system in a public library, I believe the mission statement is even more important.!

  Review you library's mission statement, library values, and philosophy of service. And if you dona;t have  a mission, work on this first and foremost.  This will serve to guide you in your public relation's   goal of getting the word out about  your library.

   When doing PR, keep in mind the unique contribution that the library makes to the community, Your patrons ( and how they use the library)  and the many sources of information  that you have available .

  Your PR depends on theses items to five it focus and form.  Keeping this information in mind when determining how you will precede and carry out your PR and marketing plan.l

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