Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Establishing Routines- Part 2- Desk Time

  At my new position of library manager, I am still trying to figure out routines and schedules.  I still struggle with using my time wisely.  As a school librarian, I had one large room and multiple classes, and the regular library duties.

  As library manager, I have  regular library duties , and then I also am the manager of a three story building.  So this is a learning curve for me, and I am slowly figuring out the routines and changing them.

  So I am dividing my time into two parts : library duties and building duties.   The library duties are also  a little different in that I actually have a book budget in which I can purchase books each month and I can get the latest best sellers that patrons want.

  So in establishing my routines I am deciding  between ' desk time" and 'floor time'.  During my desk time, I  do the following activities at designated times: First thing in the Am ( before opening) check emails,  track wireless, check answering machine .

  Also I have Desk time  during coverage of lunches: Again I check emails, work on purchasing lists, reading reviews,  printing out calendars, flyer's,  making phone calls.

  At the end of the day, I also do a little desk time: again check emails, make phone calls,  file papers,  clean up my desk,  make plans for the rest of the day, and check my calendar and planning books.
I might also during  any of these times, write down questions I may need to ask my Director or Assistant Director.

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