Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Community Information needs- Public library resources & programs

    Libraries provide information for people who live and work in the community.  So we need a variety of resources , and an understanding of the kinds of questions and resources that our patrons may need. A lot of people expect to find their answers at the library or the library 's website!
   Patrons may be seeking many different facets of information.  For example , product information, : before making a major purchase, many want to find out the quality and features of a product. This can be done at the library through journals or different website searches.,

   Health information is also a big need by  many.  Patrons want information on how to stay healthy, diet and exercise books and magazines, information on medical conditions and lifestyle choices,

 Patrons also need to learn about their communities, and their county's government and their representatives. They may need to contact then for help or to become part of the decision making process.

  How to do it- Patrons like to attain knowledge to do it themselves.  They can learn car repair, baking and cooking, fixing household items and building use items.   How to books and sources are one of the most attractive items to patrons using the library.

  Patrons also use the library for personal enrichment.  They want to read for pleasure , play online games, check favorite websites, enjoy special library programs and gather with like minded  groups of people.

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