Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More Information needs of the Community

Communities libraries also provide local business with needed information: statistic, addresses, legal information, and computer assistance classes.

   Individuals also can be provided with career counseling, resume update, and interview skills,.  Students also have their "work" and need help with assignments,research, and computer tasks. They also may require data bases, and guidance in locating  homework sites, information,, and  other required  tasks.

  Finally , Readers Advisory (direct & indirect)  : Patrons may just want a good Book to read!! Librarians and clerks who are readers can provide assistance and recommendation in this area.

 So Public libraries are very much an important part of the community. We must keep up with community wants and needs. We must seek to provide what the community and our patrons want and need . In doing  so we become a vital and important part of the community and will be seen as a community hub.

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