Tuesday, July 15, 2014


    Ixquick.com  is another powerful and personal search engine. One of their advantages is that they do not collect or share your personal information.   Their search results claim is that  they have more comprehensive and more accurate search results than the other major  search engines. This also includes an advanced search  tool.  There is also an international phone directory and for fun a video search.

  When you use Ixquick, you are using  many popular search engines combined. These cover more of the internet than any one search engine combined.    On a search you will see stars *- If you see 5 stars that indicates that 5 search engines agreed on the results of the search.  You can be assured of the most accurate information and results.

  Ixqucikc sends your search topic only to search engines that can handle that specific search,
You can search Izquick in 18 languages. The seraph can include local and international results. You can include local and international results.   You can also find national and international business. n There is also a reverse look for phone numbers. Another plus using Ixquick, that on the tool bar you can us the magnify button to enlarge or reduce any web page.

 So check it out and see if you like using Ixquick!

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