Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Super Powers of Librarians

   The role of the librarian( school, public, academic & otherwise)  continues to change . Every day there are new resources, websites, and technologies for patrons to learn and use. In order to keep up with the 21st century , as a profession we need also to keep learning and growing.  So we need to keep developing our super powers to get the job done.

  Being Flexible:  Yes , we need to adapt and grow and learn all we can in order to help our patrons and students  . So begin by evaluating, revising,  and implementing your programs.   Assess what is working and what isn't . Decide what you will keep doing, ( something that is working , and producing good results, )what needs to changed and how you can change it to provide the best for your  needs and the needs of the patrons.

 Some items to think about changing or adapting: Circulation,shelving, scheduling, Programs. Now don't expect to change /adapt these all at the same time. Take time to think through about the procedures , what you do now and what could be done to be more efficient. Tackle one at the time, make changes , and then re-evaluate to see if the changes are working.  Always ask yourself : Is it working? Why? Or Why not? What could be done differently?  How can we improve?
  By being flexible and going with the change we can  adapt our tasks to become more accommodating and efficient.

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