Thursday, February 12, 2015

Value of Public libraries in their Communities

   Do most communities value their public library?  Yes they do- most especially the patrons who use the library on a regular basis.
  Community members agree that the materials, resources, and  the technology  available at the library play an important  roll in giving everyone a chance to  grow and succeed. 

  The value of the library  are those unemployed  and retired   members use the library in finding information  regarding  jobs, career workshops , and other career  building services ( resume, interviewing , ect)   Patrons can receive assistance  and the technology need for applying for government services.
Manny members still value their library because  of the  accessibly of the use of computers and the Internet.

  Special programs of the library are also valued to many members of the community. There are children's, teens, and adult programs that patrons enjoy for entertainment and fellowship.  Use of the library for information, books, media, and research assistance continues to show that the library does have an effect of the members of the community.

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