Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ideas on Professional reading! -

  Do you keep track of your reading - both professional and for fun? When I read for fun ( I love historical fiction and biographies ) I don't. I just read for pure enjoyment.

  However when I do professional reading ( books, journals) I have my notebook with me.I like to jot down ideas that I gleam that I can use , ideas for lessons, quotes that inspire me, ideas for advocacy, or ideas to share with library colleagues or teachers. I can look back in this notebook and make sure I have the quote or idea correct.
  Also I can look back  and reread . It sometimes sparks an idea for displays, organizing, or staff development.  This is also a record of what I have read- Yes I do note titles and authors, So if some one asks for a recommendation , I can give it to them . This is especially true of really good professional books,

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