Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Victory for School Students & their libraries

   In early July, the Reed- Cochran Amendment was passed by the US Senate.  The Reed - Cochran  Amendment will help save and expand school libraries in every state  in the US.  It will authorize school  districts  to use ESSA  ( Elementary & Secondary Ed. Act)  funds to develop and maintain effective school library programs  with certified librarians at the core of the program.

 The amendment has the backing of the Senate's Health , Education, Labor & Pensions committee.
 The senate voted 98-0 in favor of this bill.

   This win is important , but the work is not over yet. The bill has to be discussed on the Senate floor , then a senate vote and then it goes to  the house.  Then a conference committee will be appointed to resolve disagreements to arrive at a bill that all is in favor of.  Go Libraries!

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