Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What we need for our students - Part 1

     Our last discussion was about the  students of today and how we can help  students become learners in the 21st century. One of the Web 2.0 tools are blogs.  I have written about blogs before since I have been doing this blog since 2009.    Blogs are wonderful tools to use with kids. We can get the students to discuss many different topics  by blogging.
     The most common way , especially for librarians are to have book discussions, and comments about what books students are reading. But if we can expand our horizons and get the teachers more involved, there can be blogs about other topics that students are learning about. Let's get creative- how can students use blogs  to enhance and engage in their learning.
     In our district we have a library blog and also a book club blog on our library website. How do your students use Blogs?  Lets share some ideas about what we can do with blogs.



   Blogs are the refections of one person on which others may comment. Teachers can have  blogs that students can add thought and ideas. Blog comments have to be accepted by "owner" before being published

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What we need for our students !( And teachers!)

        Think about our students today- they have grown up with computers and  have always had cell phones. For the most part they are online everyday - whether phone, table, cell phone. They create and participate online every day.  Students are Digital Natives
         As educators we need to prepare students ( and teachers)  in  the Digital Revolution  and teach students how to use technology safely and effectively. As librarians we are the leaders in our school who can do that. We are the ones that have been trained  in the Web 2.0 tools .
   With Web 2.0 tools there are many free sites that allow the user to interact with technology to create information products that can be shared with classmate and the world at large.  Starting next week I will begin to  highlight some of the easiest ones ( and free)  to use with students . These tools help student make learning come alive. They engage the student and make learning fun and exciting. Most  students love to work with technology.  Sign up and follow so you don't miss one of the free tools.!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Website for Elementary Librarians

     I stumbled upon this  great new site for elementary librarians and wanted to share . Although I have not been through everything on this site , it seems to be chock full of interesting and helpful new ideas  for elementary librarians.  It is called  Elementary Librarian  and has library lesson plans that incorporate common core standards. There are many links to activities and resources. This librarian has really done her home work and  has very nicely shared her information. 
     Every Tuesday is Tech Tuesday ( Today she was discussing Wordle - which I love). There are also  links to Library News, and Ed. Tech News! Check it out!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finally Back up to Speed

 Well  last week the computer got fried by a thunder storm and we finally got it fixed. Now this week , our router died and so we went out and got a new one and set it up yesterday.  Hopefully I will get back in the grove and be up with some more ideas and cool websites and technology. The summer is going fast- it has been very hot and muggy in NE PA. We ate our first tiny tomatoes. This moring I woke  up to find a Mama deer eating one of our big tomates- Boy did I yell.
  Is any one getting ready for school yet??

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Neat Site

Here is another site that I came upon in my browsing and I think it will be useful for librarians and teachers. It offers  examples of Reading Trifolds0- which are a near way for students to track and share their reading. There are blank  trufolds that can be printed out and used.   These would also be great to use with guided reading groups, and would also help with assessment of the student reading. I am thinking of ways to use them in library class for the students in grades 3-4.  Let me know what you this about this site and also the trifold idea,

Reading Trifolds

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fabulous site! - The Centered School Library

        I  found the site  to go along with Cari Young's book The Centered School Library!  Actually I had looked at when I first got her book. It is great ! I should do a review for this book.
       Anyway , now that we are past July 4th , I can begin my summer learning! Cari has started a  Summer Tech Camp and she starts out with  creating a power point with your learning as you go along which is a great idea!  The first  idea  is Wildself- which the students would absolutely love!!
  Check this out!!  Go to June  5, 2012 to begin at the beginning!! Have fun.

  The Centered School Library