Friday, February 1, 2013

Mission Statement and goals

                        If you are done writing your mission statement, you should probably have  4  sentences at the most.  Any thing longer will not be as effective. Now you will be thinking: " What do I do on a daily basis to  help fulfill this mission?"    You can think about what your goals will be . 
                       Goals explain in detail  what you will do to accomplish your daily operations.  Goals are specific.  But be sure that your goals are measurable and  you will know when they are accomplished.  Goals need to be proven.  There can be documentation that each goal is met. There should be  a change  from the beginning  of the year to the end.  This might be a list  of  activities, statistics, and programs that you have  done over the course of the year. 
                  So by now  I am hoping that your mission statement is at least a tickle in the back of your mind. Any one wishing to share their mission and goals?? I am looking forward to seeing some of them.

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