Thursday, August 22, 2013

Choosing the Right Resources Part 4

     The last section I am commenting on is choosing the right internet resources.  Internet resources offer global information containing fact, opinion, reason, and nonsense. The resources on the internet always need to be analyze as to whether the source is reliable and if the information is credible and accurate.  This is a valuable skill for students to learn: verifying of websites, blogs and other web tools.

    Students need early instruction of evaluating internet resources. Simple group discussion of sites are a good beginning . Later  discussion can lead to  more in depth analyzing.  As a student progresses, they will learn more critical analysis of authors, qualifications, and accuracy of data.

    Discussion of use is important .  Information published should be check before use.  Access to a huge volume of data is the benefit to all who need quick information . Internet sites may not be the only  answer  or the right  answer . Students need to be able to recognize this fact.
  Many times students just assume that the facts are accurate. We need to help them see  that the need to be  critical is one skill that will help them to figure out if the site has useful information .

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