Thursday, April 24, 2014

Successful strategies for PR

   Library's and their staff strive to develop promotions that catch the attention of patrons and future patrons. We want to draw both types of patrons  to our programs and events.

  So what can we do? With a little thought we can develop strategies that work for our communities. Here are a few:

 1) Eye catching book displays, add to that a poster to emphasize and clarify what the display is about.

2) Well designed flyers and newsletters. They should have details about programs , events, and resources.

3) Your website for the library. Make it interactive, interesting and information, Add a blog, podcast, photos,- anything to attract and hold patrons attention.

4) Advertising?  If you can afford it ,use local papers and radio stations, Promote the library, programs , events and resources,  Some local media welcome library information in press releases. They may also provide  a space or time for a library column or library spot.

5) Friends Groups- This group may host programs,. collect funds, and and help promote the library.

6)  Staff members  are a gold mine! Make sure they are knowledgeable and enthusiastic and can discuss and promote programs, resources, events and exhibits,

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