Saturday, May 31, 2014

Establishing Routines- Part 3 - Floor Time

 "Floor Time" is when I am Not in my office( that is Desk Time- see Establishing Routines- Desk Time).  Each day I try to spend as much time as possible  on 'Floor  Time". Why?  because I want to be viable to the patrons and the staff and I want to be available for help  when needed.

  This is a time when I am really 'being' a librarian by assisting patrons with reference and reading questions. During this time, I can help patrons locate books,  provide computer help, and discuss reading   suggestions and preferences.

   There are many other tasks and activities that I also do during floor time which helps me keep tabs on the physical site of the library building. This is a challenge  because we are in a 100 year old bank building so something is almost always is needing attention.

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