Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Librarians under pressure to connect

   Libraries are under pressure to connect with patrons.  Technology may just be the key  we need to help up do that.

  When staff and funding are tight, then  is the time to start doing things differently.  Because of technology , libraries can use the latest tools to connect with patrons.  After all we are in the 21 st century.  Why not pull out all the stops  we can to get patrons using our resources and programs.

   But wait- why do we have to connect?  We want to match patrons to the books and information they want and need .  We want to free up routine tasks that staff spend time on so they can interact with patrons  and help them achieve their goals.

  As library staff we need to determine how we can use our website, face book page , or a twitter to excite and draw interest  with our comments, questions, and interests. So let's get thinking,  What other social media  can we use? Instragram, Pinterest? Q Codes?  What can we do with them?
  I would love to hear what your library does to help connect and pull in patrons  Comment below and share how you use social media to create  patron interest and participation,

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