Monday, June 25, 2012

What does an Admisitrator Want from a Librarian?

      I have been thinking lately about what administrators want and expect from a School Library Media Specialist. I've also been thinking that many administrators  really do not have any idea about how valuable a school librarian can be.
      Do they have classes when they are taking courses to be a Principal  about the value of a school librarian?  I think not, but I do think they should.
      Number one item on my list is a Library media Specialist is a TEACHER. They work with students in the library, the computer lab, and in the classroom! What do they teach?
     They teach the love of reading and literature. Think  about interactive read aloud' s and author studies.  Think introducing students to genres, and  series, chapter books, and graphic novels, award winning books.
    School librarian also teach students how to be information literate . They teach how to use the resources of books, references, data bases, and the internet. to find the information they need. They show students how to use the latest web based programs to   produce information pieces  to share with there their learning.
     Later in the week or next week  week I have some addoitioanl  items to add to this list of what an adminsotrator wants from their librarians. Keep reading for more.
    Any additional items the librarian does as a teacher?  Please add your comments.
What should you do with this information? Share this in some way with your p;principals and school board and teachers,. Let them know what you can do to assist the students in the quest for 21st century learners.

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