Thursday, January 29, 2015

Setting up your file cabinet

    Take some time to set up your filling cabinet so that materials are easy to locate when you need them.  If you are just beginning   to set up your file cabinet, here are a few ideas to have it go smoothly and be easy to use.

  First of all, arrange all your files in alphabetical order. It is a great idea to keep a listing of the file folders that you have. ( see my ebook The Organized Librarian ) 

  If you are lucky , you might have more than one filing area,  I have  a small filing  cabinet in my desk drawer. This is where I keep items filed that I use on a daily basis.  I can pull them out easily and then file them away when I am done with them at the end of the morning or the end of the day.

 I also am lucky to have two other filing cabinets.  I have one in my closet . In this one I keep items that I use on a monthly basis.
The third one is in our storage area.   The files I keep in here are more historical in nature.   These are budget files or grant files that I must keep for 7 years  before discarding. 

  So when you are setting up your cabinet s, depending on the size, you will need a area that you will use on a daily/ weekly basis and also at least on drawer for your historical files.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 has about 6000 ebboks for free reading.  It is very useful for educational and informational purposes.  The following categories are listed: Fiction, Nonfiction, poems, short stories, classics of both American  and English literature.  The titles are in alphabetical order by author name  so it is easy to locate what you are looking for . Additionally , there are several other links that lead to other lists.

  Students and others can use this site to do recommended readings for classes and also find interesting books to read online.

Friday, January 23, 2015

When your Desk is a Disaster!

  Is your desk a disaster? If your desk is a mess then take steps to get it under  control.  Don't just look at your desk , throw up your hands, and cry- it won't do any good.

  Take a block of time- its best to devote in hour blocks of time, but if you can't start with 10-15 minutes.   Grab a trash can , a pen, some file folders,  labels, and any thing else that you might find helpful. 

Clear the space you want to organize, put everything from your desk in a large box . This way to can stop when you need to.

  Take each item and evaluate it. Does it need to be saved? Can you throw it away> Anything need to be saved, label a file folder and place the item in it.  If you already have a file for that category or subject, place the materials in a file marked :TO BE FILED.

  If you keep at this task, you will have many files ( or items to be filed) .  The next step will be to set up your file cabinet. ( see next weeks post or order The Organized Librarian- look at tab above). You will end up with a clean desk! If you do this activity each day  you will no longer have a messy desk!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My favorite book review sources - part 3

   Here are  three more sites / sources  I like to use to find recommendations / suggestions for book purchases.

   1. Kirkus- This is a great source to find out vast amounts of information about the best books out.  I especially like the book reviews, and the Kirkus star given to exceptional books. I find if I concentrate on the stars ( although I like to  read all the reviews ) I can get a good cross section of books .
  Tabs with quick links  also lead to Best of 2014, Best sellers, contests. and Kirkus TV. There are author  interviews , tops of the lists, and an email newsletter. There are also Author services to help authors promote their books.

   2. Library Media Connections .Com is a great source for staff looking for children's and Ya books.  There are reviews which are brief . The best part is the rating system: Highly Recommended, Recommend, and not Recommended.  
  Also you can find a few featured  articles and hot news that will be beneficial to school librarians.

3.  Booklist Online also offers some reviews on line even for those  who not subscribe. I like the best of lists that they provide.
  There is also a  lot of content you can view.  I find this extremely helpful when doing book orders.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Making Time For Paper Work

  Every day when you are at work, include   time to complete paper work and file away what is completed.  My routine is simple but it works for me.  In the morning before opening, I  do emails and  complete paper work that needs to be done.   I take out folders for the projects, or tasks that I will be working on today. It is a good time to do it because I do not have  a lot of interruptions .   I also make important phone calls that can not wait til later.

  Right before we start our lunch coverage I also  clean up my desk, file papers that need to be filed away, and  complete other paper type work , so that when I come back from lunch I have a clean desk. I will make any phone calls or emails needed  , and check emails again  to see if anything is pressing.

  Again before I get ready to go home, I will complete  what ever I can, place papers in file folders if I am still working on a project ,  file anything that is completed, and  clean up my desk.

  Obviously if I have a pressing task that requires more action , I will take a morning , or a good portion of the morning and just work on paper work. This applies when I have reports, inventories, or other  items that need to be completed

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Using your Bulletin Board to Organize your time

      Use your bulletin board to help you become more organized in the New Year.( And if you don't have one, have the space for one, get one, especially if you are a visual person!)

      But don't just put up notes and leave them there until the paper falls apart.  The bulletin board should be used for Visual reminders.  So for items you use frequently it is a good way to store and then grab when needed- zips codes, phone numbers,  questions that need to be asked of your director or administrator.)

      Also the bulletin board is a good place for current projects. List the date, when the project is due, a description , and  steps to take- this depends on how organized you like to  be.

     If you have dead lines / due dates every month, the bulletin board can also serve as a tickler file to remind you of what needs to be and when it needs to be handed in.
     Using a bulletin board  will help , but only  if  you USE it! That means looking at it at least daily, and maybe even once in the Am and then once in the PM.
    As always , at least once a month,  clear off unwanted and finished items.

     How do you use a bulletin board by your desk? Any more ideas?   Give me an idea  in the comment section below!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Book Search Favorites- Book giveaway- Part 2

   Here are some more sources that I use for checking out new books! 

  1) NPR- (National Public Radio) I can listen to NPR on the radio on the way to work. But usually I check out their website to get book recommendations . On their main site towards the bottom of the page there is a link to NPR Books.  They have guides to this years greatest reads, author interviews, book reviews,  and bestseller links.  I really like the lists and reviews  because they help me keep up to date on the best.

2) Barnes and Noble  is another great source to help  keep me up with the best and newest books.
While it may not be as compressive as Amazon , it is easy to use and has very descriptive reviews.

3) New York Times book review section-  it is a nice Sunday ritual to read the NY times  book reviews  and their best seller lists. Again it is an easy way for me to keep up to date.  I also like having most of the  top titles in our library. It shows that we can be current !

 Tell me  what your favorites are and  you will be entered into a drawing for a FREE Link to my "The Organized Librarian"  e book!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Epic Reads. Com- Ya site book reviews is a site for Ya readers ( and their librarians)  The site is owned by Harper Collins Publishing but  does not have only their works.
   The site has a real hip look that teens will be attracted to.  Check it out!  Teens and librarians can find the newest  and best teen/ Ya books , connect with authors , and meet other teens  to share reading interests. Check on the covers of the new books to see reviews and comments.
  There are also Youtube videos of book trailers and comments about books.   There are also polls, quizzes about books and Ya genres, a blog with articles on authors, and other related Ya topics. Also you will find contests and sweepstakes, review of new releases and coming  soon titles.  Another great link is teen author with bios and photos, and some video chats.
  In the right hand column you will find links to activities and features members . Introduce this to your teen readers and let them explore.