Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teen Tech Time

    At our Public library System( 3 branches) a Teen Tech time was begun at the beginning of the summer. It is at my branch to start with.

   Our Computer tech guy is young so that appeals to many of the teens- especially the boys.   The guys outnumber the girls in this particular case.

   The first two sessions, the group built a pac- man type video game. they ended up sharing the games with the other in the group for at least three weeks. The Third session , the group learned how to produce a computerized comic strip using the Gimp program.

   I am anxious to see what they will do next!

   The group will be extended to the school year and will move to the branch that is closest to the High school. Hopefully the group will continue to grow. It brings  more youth into the public library , helping them to become aware of all the resources we have available!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Benefits of Technology in the Library

   About 40% of American households lack home Internet access.  A study revealed that people using public libraries as their primary source of access to the Internet and a computer.

  With more technology in libraries , patrons have better and faster access.  They can stay connected to families and friends.  Access also provides the ability to explore the vast information of the Internet .

  Local business persons can use the library , and its  resources ( computer access & otherwise ) to develop plans, net work, conduct market research and explore more opportunities.

  Patrons can take online classes to earn certificates and advanced degrees. Students can use test preparation materials  to prepare and study for SAT or GRE tests. Patrons can search the web to provide information  on purchases ( cars, appliances, data on how to do and how to fix and other areas items of interest.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Open Library

     OpenLibrary.com  is an editable library catalog. Their goal is to have a pager for each book published.  Visitors can contribute new information or make corrections.

  One can browse by subject or author. To date there is over 20 Million records and  growing. There are links to  read free ebooks which can be read from whatever form of computer or ereader you have.  There are also links to borrow books on your device. This is a great Internet  archive..

  There us a daisy format  that provides talking books ( Library of congress national service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped)  Open Library also suggests where the physical book can be purchased.
   I like to click on the lists tab because it fives some very interesting topic book lists. If you sign up amd make an account , there are many ways to help the open library cause and continue to grow their collection.

  Some of a things you can do on Open Library : read, borrow up to 5 titles for 2 weeks, with 1000
 librarians participating.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Libraries are Technology Hubs

  Public Libraries are the technology hubs form most communities, large and small.  Libraries offer public computers for use by patrons and visitors.  Nearly all public libraries offer  Internet access. Some also offer wireless access.  There are still many who do not have these services at work or home.

  Of course, many public libraries have computer training classes and  computer assistance on a range of topics ( general computer skills, searching  skills and resources, software instruction, data base instruction and career  building classes)

  Using technology, libraries provide access to almost unlimited information to patrons seeking answers.  Because the information is online, the  resources can be accessed anytime of day or night.

  Many libraries provide one on one training. Patrons can find information , download audio books , and reserve / renew books on line, or maybe even take a class.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


    Ixquick.com  is another powerful and personal search engine. One of their advantages is that they do not collect or share your personal information.   Their search results claim is that  they have more comprehensive and more accurate search results than the other major  search engines. This also includes an advanced search  tool.  There is also an international phone directory and for fun a video search.

  When you use Ixquick, you are using  many popular search engines combined. These cover more of the internet than any one search engine combined.    On a search you will see stars *- If you see 5 stars that indicates that 5 search engines agreed on the results of the search.  You can be assured of the most accurate information and results.

  Ixqucikc sends your search topic only to search engines that can handle that specific search,
You can search Izquick in 18 languages. The seraph can include local and international results. You can include local and international results.   You can also find national and international business. n There is also a reverse look for phone numbers. Another plus using Ixquick, that on the tool bar you can us the magnify button to enlarge or reduce any web page.

 So check it out and see if you like using Ixquick!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Learning

  In the past year, I have reviewed and learn to use many  web 2.0 tools and seen many interesting websites . Make if one your goals this summer to learn how to use maybe two of these so that you can use them with your students and staff for the next school year,
   By using a neat web 2.0 tool with your students , they will be more engaged in their learning of the information skills you are imparting. Students in the 21st century need to be able to know about  and use these 'cool' ways of collaborating , interacting, and collecting information.

    Make a presentation ( think power point, prezi) for your student and teacher orientation of the school library.  Teach students about  blogs or pod casts, and have them share what they are reading and learning.  Develop a wiki for students to use for collaboration on a research topic for a certain unit or lesson.

    Don't forget your staff!!  What tool can you teach them to use? Power Point, Prezi, Blogging, or podcasting,wall wisher,? ( Just to mention a few). Do some staff development workshop[s and show them how they can  be used to engage students.

    So make a goal for the  summer , but don't just stop learning at two.  When you have mastered those, make another goal to learn two more, Let me know what you will be doing with your Web 2.0 Tool!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Technology and Public Libraries

 I keep writing about the importance of the newest technology in public and school libraries.  It is because they are needed  and wanted by the students and patrons.

  Technology is a solid part of the 21st century library.  It helps the library with a lot of its daily tasks ( circulation, processing and statistics just to name a few)

But what is really apparent is that libraries and technology help patrons connect with resources and ideas( books, ebooks, virtual reference) Free and full access sets us apart from many countries who do not have public and school libraries like we do here in the US.

   Our patrons can find the information that they need or want, both in print and online resources.

  Think of the technology's we have that patrons use: printer, copies, computers and wifi.  Patrons can now access the information online any hour of the day or night.  Patrons can use databases , download ebooks and audio books, search the catalog ad even borrow magazine's,

  Libraries offer Internet access. In some communities , this may be the only place to get free access.

   Finally many libraries offer information and assistance n the nations quest for jobs, Many offer classes m career counseling and resume building.

   This  technology and resources keeps the library in the foremost place in each community .