Sunday, February 7, 2016

Projects/ Activities for February ( Middle school Information Literacy Classes)

    In 7th grade , we are doing some Black American History Month projects.  I have a pathfinder set up for students to read about some famous Black Americans- this gives them a link to the people  and leads them to to get quick answers.

     Also there is a research aspect which delves into one person. Students are looking up why the person was famous and other interesting facts.   With these facts , they will be making a wordle poster  for another grade!

     On our Activity table, there are hearts to write their favorite books on, a movie survey, and a fiction find game.  

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Middle School Library Centers- another idea

 I recently came across another idea that I want to try with my 7th grade middle school classes.  I will do a Research Question of the week  which I will put at the"Game Center"  I am not sure if I will offer a prize or not - still debating on it.

  What I  will do is post the question and then have students find the answer and also write down the source of the answer . I will give guidelines as to what sources they may use- NOT goggle- they always want to use that!

  I will gear the  questions to the Month- I just looked up what January is noted for( days, weeks)  This is what I found: Martin Luther King, Science Fiction day, Trivia Day, Hat day, Popcorn day, Hobby month, Hot tea  month, Oatmeal month,  Sunday Supper Month, Soup Month.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

January Bulletin Boards

 What bulletin boards will I put up in January? I always try to think ahead and get ready for the next month.  I didn't this time. So here are some ideas that I have used or thought of to use in January.
    Let's read til we get snowed under-  snowflakes with book titles in the center. Blue sky in background. Bottom can be a silhouette of the town or school building.

   Sink into winter reading-  student/ teacher in a cozy chair reading, book jackets surrounded the chair.

   Hibernate with a good book- bears reading ( in a cave or in the snow)

  "READBOX"-  a redbox( movie rental)  with titles around that align with popular movies

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Library Centers- Middle School- Survey's

  I am still searching for ideas for Middle school  library centers for my 7th grade classes. I have a few ideas of my own.  One activity I set up was survey.  I had four questions printed up about what they had learned and what activity they had liked.   My first attempt I did as a whole group and then I adjusted it to  a center activity.

  I printed out directions and stuck out post it notes.  On each post it , students were to write the numbers 1 to 4 and answer the questions.  They were supposed to answer in one or two words.   Then they stuck the posts it to the tables.  At the end of the  period, we quickly read most of the responses.

 I am planning to do  more surveys such as this  as a center activity.  The whole group survey was a little chaotic and I did not get  numbered answers,  I was thinking of doing a Family Feud type of thing as a review type of thing  when I do a survey of All the students , but that is for the next time.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Middle School- Library School Centers

    I recently decided to try a few centers and mini lessons in my 7th grade library classes .  So this is what I did- I divided each class into 3 equal groups .   After attendance is taken each period, I go over the three 'centers' or activities.  Instructions are given about each one.
   One is usually at the computers . Six students can go on the computer  which works out good  in all but my 2 biggest classes which have more than 18. Lately the students are learning about library data bases and currently they are using Fact Monster and World Book.

   The other one so far has been a shelf  find it game- this was easy . I just took dewey numbers from the collection  for the non- fiction and then call letters from  the fiction section.  Students use the cards to find  each number .

  The third  group is my mini lesson group- I go over the  a lesson and students work on an activity  that  correlates with the lesson.

  So far it seems to be working pretty good. I will detail more of these  groups at a later date.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Classroom Management-ClassDojo

     I am trying a classroom behavior management program called ClassDojo.  It is an online tool for teachers to track behavior  and work habits.
   The  app can go on your iphone or android and you can  actually add "Points" to students as you teach lessons and they work on activities.  There is also the option to  take away points or give a (-) to those who need more work regarding staying on task, talking out, and  having unacceptable behavior,

     You plug in your students ( I was actually able to do it from School Tool- our  attendance & grading tool for our district.  I am hoping this will work out well- it is up to me to be consistent with it.  Check it out - I will let you know how it works for me.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Inspiration for The Daring School Librarian

 I have been searching for ideas for middle school libraries every since I got this position as a middle school librarian.  I had been a middle school librarian  for 9 years before switching to the elementary level  but a lot has changed since that time.

 One site I have found  is The Daring School Librarian.  It is an awesome site with a lot of content and  great ideas that            has done  on the middle school level.  I am looking at her tech and  lesson ideas and have some solid ideas for lessons and programs.  She has  actual tutorials for her students  that lead them to better understanding of  safe usuage of interent sources, and also a tutorial/ webquest of the steps for

 So if you have not seen this site , I would  greatly suggest you check this out and make it one of your go to places to look!