Thursday, February 26, 2015  is the companion website to the print journal, Public Libraries.   This is an official publication of the PLA ( Public Library Association) .  PLO focuses on issues and topics that concern Public librarians. 
the great part about this online journal is that it has great content and offers online interaction (comments, and social media sharing)  There is also daily updates, reviews, editorials, and author interviews.  Readers are also invited to submit their work.

On the main page there are many interesting articles on current issues / opinions in public libraries.  Under books & More you can find interviews with authors, and ebook reviews. 
  Under the magazine tab, featured articles from each issue are shown in full length.

  There is very interesting and informative content here, The articles provide insight to issues and give ideas of what is going on the public library world.
 Popular posts are highlighted on the side, and they indicate magazines features , news , and opinion. All in all very interesting  and informative site to help public librarians  with their jobs.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Digital Literacy: What is it?

    Digital literacy is getting to be more important as we achieve more technology use in learning. Digital literacy is the ability to use and understand information that is found  in multiple media forms ( blogs, podcasts, databases, videos, ect).  from a wide range of sources when presented.

   The key to literacy goes beyond reading to understanding, evaluating, and interpreting the information.    The person then needs to construct and create the information gained to communicate what have been learned and understood.

   Digital literacy encompasses both computer hardware and soft wear, by computer or any other hand held device.  

" The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot  learn , unlearn, and relearn."   Alvin Toffler

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Value of School Librarians

   The true value of school librarians is  the  helping of students to become successful at learning. The question should always be : How  can we help our students to become more successful at learning?

   The message that school librarians needs to be focused on is this: The students !!   The key to the library program is helping the students learn how to keep on learning which will lead them to be successful in all avenues of their college  or work years.,

  Determine what tools the students need   and let those items be the goals of your work with the students. 

  Then it s your goal to share  what these tools are  with your staff , administrators, and parents,.  about the library assists and helps make the students successful.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


   Fantastic Fiction is a web site  for librarians and book lovers .  Through this site you can find  information about authors and  their books.   The site is easy to use  and you can click on a title to see the book cover, the description , and the details on the publication of the book.
  There are also links to book awards,  books from different countries( it is a UK based site),  Series books, and Year. There are also links to hardcover, paper back , audio books, and kindle editions where visitors can  click and search.

 Along the right side you can also see  information about books that are coming out in the next several months  This will be a great source for librarians looking to see what is coming up by their  favorite authors.

 There are also genre pages ( towards the bottom) which includes: science fiction, fantasy, YA, horror,  mystery, historical, western, romance, sagas  just to list a few ..

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Value of Public libraries in their Communities

   Do most communities value their public library?  Yes they do- most especially the patrons who use the library on a regular basis.
  Community members agree that the materials, resources, and  the technology  available at the library play an important  roll in giving everyone a chance to  grow and succeed. 

  The value of the library  are those unemployed  and retired   members use the library in finding information  regarding  jobs, career workshops , and other career  building services ( resume, interviewing , ect)   Patrons can receive assistance  and the technology need for applying for government services.
Manny members still value their library because  of the  accessibly of the use of computers and the Internet.

  Special programs of the library are also valued to many members of the community. There are children's, teens, and adult programs that patrons enjoy for entertainment and fellowship.  Use of the library for information, books, media, and research assistance continues to show that the library does have an effect of the members of the community.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Staff Development

  Staff Development is important to all  Libraries whether there is staff or just a single person.  Behind staff development is simply continued learning and understanding of key topics and technologies.

  Staff Development can be either formal (  a class, in a group, a webinar,  power point or slide show, handouts  & discussions,)    Informal staff development also count. This can again be done singly or in a group. It can be as simple as an email updating staff to something important, an on the spot instruction in a report or procedure. It can also be done on a per person as needed basis , or when a staff member has a specific question or needs and answer.

  In my daily routine with staff, I will always keep in mind when something new comes up that may not have been discussed in detail.  This is especially important with newer staff or when changes  have occurred in policy or procedures.

    Staff development is a process of learning more  and growing in our professional life.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


     Fictiondb is a great resource for those that love fiction. This site will   be valuable to librarians who are looking to expand their fiction and select books that readers will love to read.

    This is an easy to use tool that helps you discover a great book to read.  You can browse  author book list, series, reviews, and  author pseudonyms. There are also links on the main page to lots of interesting  content:  most popular authors,  essential reading lists,  if you like, try...,   and new fiction  (  has a monthly list of every new book with link to short description). There is also blog news, and  definitions of  different genres.

    Also on this site you can keep track of  your books and series that you have read in one convenient place. There is lots of information here that will help both readers and busy librarians.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My favorite book review sources part 3

 This is the last post about book review sources - I was trying to think of 10 all together but not sure  if I got to 10. Oh well.

  One of the most pleasurable ways to get reviews and recommendations is through some of my womens magazines that I get in the mail or at the store.   So here goes

  Good Housekeeping: is one of my favorites.  They almost always have an excerto of a new best selling book in the back of the magazine. This gives me a really good idea of what the book is about.  Then they also have  a list of similar reads with brief summaries.

 Woman's Day:  They have just started a new book club page. On this page they have recommendations from book clubs.  They include about 5 descriptive summaries of good books for groups can read .

All You is another my favorite magazines.  Every month they have a recommendations page which alwys have  at least one book, and also a good movie.

First for Women has a page:" The 6 paperbacks we are reading" Some are brand new , some are not but they have a good cross-section  of Types  and also good summaries and comments about  the books.

  Womens world  also has a nice page every month where they post a 'woman's world book club: giving a very brief summary of their new books and also a movie recommendations