Thursday, June 26, 2014

Virtual Reference- The New Library

   In the 21st century , we  need to develop our library website so that patrons can use it to research information is needed.  We want to provide websites that will entice users to come into the library and use it services.

   Mobile services( blogs, wikis, podcasts, catalogs,  databases)  draw patrons in , announce services, and programs,  and help patrons find answers needed.  Many of our users already are in tune with mobile and online activities  that provide information and reading pleasure.  ( Readers are becoming more and more popular!!)  They no longer rely on the big publishers and print resources for their information needs.  So as librarians , we need to step up and continue to develop our online presence.

  Our mission will remain the same: It necessitates  the fact that our website will be kept up to date and  alive.  The links available will be chosen to attract and keep the patrons happy and interested,

  And then do not forget we can support these developments with program and classes for those patrons who  need to know more about the newest technology!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Virtual Reference Desk

 Virtual Reference Desk  - WWW.refdesk.com  is a great tool  with many links to a variety of facts and information.  What a great resource!  And yes they do ask for donations to help maintain it freeness!  But wait til you see it! you will be referring back to it to help you and your patrons.

  There are many things to do daily on this site.  Check the world clock, look at headline news,  see the Fact for the day,  thought of the day, this day in History,  news photos, article of the day, people and business resources, today's birthdays, word of the day, and daily games.

  Refdesk has 3 missions: 1) fast access to facts, 2) easy to navigate, and 3) content that is comprehension.

  Also included : weather resources, news photos and videos, links to columnists, opinions and editorials, facts at a glance,  airline fact trackers, calculations and calendars, sports m health & technology news, and just to much to mention,

 So do your self a favor , and check this out. You will be sure to find  something to help your and your patrons.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Library 2.0

  The library of today is all about library users.  We want to keep the patrons we have  that use our service. But an important goal is to actually seek out those who do not use libraries and it services and attract to show all we can do.

  So we , as librarians, and staff, need to embrace new ideas and technologies that will help us deliver services and involve more users.  What are these new technology's? Many we have discussed here in this blog in the past. They are also found on other blogs and websites.

  Just a few we have yet to explore here : tagging, library catalog 2.0, My space, virtual worlds , and library 2.0.

As I do more research, I will try to  give a review/  summary and let you in on what I am learning. similarly  if you find something great , post a comment here to share!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

  I just discovered  this site and it looks like it will be a great source for all public libraries What exactly is .ibiblio  ?  Home to one of the largest free information databases online, has something for everyone.
   users can browse through the catalog of many unique collections. There are free databases  that provide information to almost any question.
  On ibiblio there have  freely software and information, for topics such as music, literature, art, history, science, politics, and cultural studies.  it is a resource used frequently by audiences of all interests and backgrounds
   The free software is way beyond me  but many more techie would probably be amazed.  What I like is the search on the categories.  The most things that I have used gives a description and a direct link to the information,  Use it to search history and you can be lead to some fascinating sites with  great detailed information. 

   I will have to continue to search on this tool to really see all it has- Check it out , It looks like it will be helpful!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekly Memo's For Staff

  About every other week, I will send out a weekly memo. The reason I do this is so I can keep the staff informed of various events, activities, policies, and  other items that I  need to tell them.

  The weekly memo helps me because  I can write it once and then know that I have told everyone what I needed to tell them and I don't have to ask- "Did I tell you.....?"  

   My next step will be to post the weekly memos on our library Libguide  ( More on that in another post), so that  the staff can refer back to the weekly memos easily and not have to search through their emails  to find the email I sent.

  Some items I might include:  updates to policies and procedures,  new programs coming up, food drive/pet drive month,  opening & closing procedures,  items to be done when at the circ desk,  birthdays and graduations,  monthly tasks, and other housekeeping items.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More Information needs of the Community

Communities libraries also provide local business with needed information: statistic, addresses, legal information, and computer assistance classes.

   Individuals also can be provided with career counseling, resume update, and interview skills,.  Students also have their "work" and need help with assignments,research, and computer tasks. They also may require data bases, and guidance in locating  homework sites, information,, and  other required  tasks.

  Finally , Readers Advisory (direct & indirect)  : Patrons may just want a good Book to read!! Librarians and clerks who are readers can provide assistance and recommendation in this area.

 So Public libraries are very much an important part of the community. We must keep up with community wants and needs. We must seek to provide what the community and our patrons want and need . In doing  so we become a vital and important part of the community and will be seen as a community hub.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Esstablishing Routines- Floor time Part 4

There are many other activities that I do during floor time: Yes I want to be available to assist patrons and help them find answers to questions.  However , since I am never sure when that may occur I have some routines that I do while I am waiting for patrons to need help.

 One of the  first things I do on a daily basis is check the bathrooms for needed items and I keep my eyes open for anything I think may need attention.  I will also straighten shelves, put in book supports,post flyer's, and rearrange brochures in the stands.

 Another item I do at least once a day is straighten up the newspaper stand, and check on the magazines.  I have an old magazine rack which always needs straightening.

 During "floor time" I will also keep my eye out for  bulbs that need replacing, plants that need watering, and  anything out of place that needs to be put back right.

 Also during floor time, I can fill the copiers with paper,  work on book displays,  and  go over items with my staff that need to be addressed.

So "floor time" is a busy time but I can be on deck to help patrons and also get a lot accomplished!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Community Information needs- Public library resources & programs

    Libraries provide information for people who live and work in the community.  So we need a variety of resources , and an understanding of the kinds of questions and resources that our patrons may need. A lot of people expect to find their answers at the library or the library 's website!
   Patrons may be seeking many different facets of information.  For example , product information, : before making a major purchase, many want to find out the quality and features of a product. This can be done at the library through journals or different website searches.,

   Health information is also a big need by  many.  Patrons want information on how to stay healthy, diet and exercise books and magazines, information on medical conditions and lifestyle choices,

 Patrons also need to learn about their communities, and their county's government and their representatives. They may need to contact then for help or to become part of the decision making process.

  How to do it- Patrons like to attain knowledge to do it themselves.  They can learn car repair, baking and cooking, fixing household items and building use items.   How to books and sources are one of the most attractive items to patrons using the library.

  Patrons also use the library for personal enrichment.  They want to read for pleasure , play online games, check favorite websites, enjoy special library programs and gather with like minded  groups of people.